Prasannadeb Women's College

This is to notify that students of 3rd semester B.A./ B.Sc., 2nd & 3rd Year ( under 1+1+1 System ) , B.A./B.Sc. are encouraged to submit their original creative writings ( short story, article, poem , travelogue, jokes ), paintings ( preferably in black and white ) for the college magazine, 2018 – 19 within 31st July, 2019 to the following teachers. The theme of the writing and painting may cover a varied range of fields in different dimensions. You are welcome to be a part of this endeavour and your co - operation would be highly appreciated.

Names of the teachers for submission

For writings in Bengali version:

1. Dr. Swaswati Das, Dept Of History
2. Dr. Koela Ganguly, Dept of Bengali
3. Smt. Indrani Sengupta, Dept of Philosophy
4. Dr. Rupan Sarkar, Dept Of History
5. Sri Sisir Sing, Dept of Bengali

For writings in English version:

1. Dr. Sukanta Das, Dept of English
2. Smt. Sisodhara Syangbo, Dept of English
3. Smt. Abhinanda Roy, Dept of English

For writings in Hindi and Nepali versions:

1. Dr. Somdatta Bhattacharya, Dept of Philosophy
2. Smt. Papri Roy, Dept of Mathematics
3. Smt. Duna Saha, Dept of Computer Science

( S. Chhetry)