Prasannadeb Women's College

Programme for B. A. / B. Sc. Part I / II (General) Examinations - 2018

(Only for subjects available in P. D. Women's College)

Date Part 12noon to 2PM 3PM to 5PM
23-04-2018 Mon II Compulsory English for Science Compulsory English for Arts
24-04-2018 Tue I Education I Computer Science I
II Chemistry IV Political Science IV
25-04-2018 Wed I Education II Computer Science II
II Chemistry V Political Science V
26-04-2018 Thu I Education III  
II   Political Science VI
Date Part 9AM to 12noon 2PM to 5PM

27-04-2018 Fri

31-05-2018 Thu

I ENVS for B. Sc. (Hons./ General) ENVS for B. A. (Hons./ General)
Date Part 12noon to 2PM 3PM to 5PM

28-04-2018 Sat

01-06-2018 Fri

I Elective Bengali I, Elective English I, Elective Hindi I Mathematics I
II   Philosophy IV

03-05-2018 Thu

02-06-2018 Sat

I Elective Bengali II, Elective English II, Elective Hindi II Mathematics II

Philosophy V

04-05-2018 Fri

04-06-2018 Mon

I Elective Bengali III, Elective English III, Elective Hindi III Mathematics III
II   Philosophy VI

05-05-2018 Sat

05-06-2018 Tue

I  Sociology I Physics I
II Botany IV History IV

07-05-2018 Mon

06-06-2018 Wed

I  Sociology II Physics II
II Botany V History V

08-05-2018 Tue

07-06-2018 Thu

I Sociology III  
II   History VI
Date Part 9AM to 11AM 12noon to 2PM 3PM to 5PM

10-05-2018 Thu

08-06-2018 Fri

I Geography I Philosophy I Botany I
II     Sanskrit IV (New and Old)

11-05-2018 Fri

09-06-2018 Sat

I Geography II Philosophy II Botany II
II     Sanskrit V (New and Old)
Date Part 12noon to 2PM 3PM to 5PM

12-05-2018 Sat

11-06-2018 Mon

I Philosophy III Zoology I
II   Sanskrit VI (New and Old)

14-05-2018 Mon

12-06-2018 Tue

I History I Zoology II
II Mathematics IV (New and Old) Education IV

15-05-2018 Tue

13-06-2018 Wed

I History II  
II Mathematics V (New and Old) Education V

16-05-2018 Wed

14-06-2018 Thu

I History III  
II Mathematics VI (New and Old) Education VI

17-05-2018 Thu

15-06-2018 Fri

I Economics I  
II   Elective Bengali IV, Elective English IV, Elective Hindi IV

18-05-2018 Fri

18-06-2018 Mon

I Economics II Chemistry I
II   Elective Bengali V, Elective English V, Elective Hindi V

19-05-2018 Sat

19-06-2018 Tue

I Economics III Chemistry II
II   Elective Bengali VI, Elective English VI, Elective Hindi VI

21-05-2018 Mon

20-06-2018 Wed

I Physical Education I  
II   Sociology IV

22-05-2018 Tue

21-06-2018 Thu

I Physical Education II  
II   Sociology V

23-05-2018 Wed

22-06-2018 Fri

II Computer Science IV Sociology VI

24-05-2018 Thu

23-06-2018 Sat

I Sanskrit I  
II Computer Science V Economics IV
25-05-2018 Fri I Sanskrit II  
II Physics IV, Zoology IV (New and Old) Economics V
26-05-2018 Sat I Sanskrit III  
II Physics V, Zoology V (New and Old) Economics VI
Date Part 9AM to 11AM 12noon to 2PM 3PM to 5PM
28-05-2018 Mon I   Political Science I  
II Geography IV   Physical Education IV
29-05-2018 Tue I   Political Science II  
II Geography V   Physical Education IV
30-05-2018 Wed I   Political Science III