Prasannadeb Women's College

The research output of the faculty members is gradually on the rise. A good number of teachers possess Ph.D. degrees, and other faculty members engage in their pursuit of research work leading to Ph.D. degree. In addition to that the faculty members actively participate in the research work by availing of various research projects sanctioned by the funding agencies like UGC, DST etc. Some individual teachers are engaged in collaborative research work, and also supervise the research scholars. Being an affiliated UG college, we do not have much scope for the students to undertake research. The college places adequate thrust upon the need for greater research output by the faculty members, and seeks to provide infrastructural facilities and other resources to the faculty. The college plays proactive role in encouraging the teachers to take up research works by granting study leave, on-duty leave to the concerned teachers.

A good number of policies are in place to recharge the teachers. Many teachers have availed of the UGC FDP Programme for their research work and they have successfully submitted the thesis of their research work and got Ph. D. Award. A considerable number of teachers have completed their Minor Research Projects in the last few years. Details of individual Research Project undertaken by faculties are given in the following table:


Sl. No. Duration Title of the Project Name of the Faculty and Department Funding Agency Total Grant (Rs.)
1 2009-11 Speaking the subaltern: A Study of Mahasweta Devi's 'The Right of the Forest' and 'Chotti Munda and His Arrow' Dr. Sanatan  Bhowal, Dept. of English UGC 1,22,000.00
2 2009-11 Transition Metal Complex Catalyzed Oxygenation Reactions Dr. Uday Sankar Agarwalla, Dept. of Chemistry UGC 1,41,000.00
3 2009-12 Accessibility of The Regional Rural Bank to the Marginalized People: A Case Study Dr. Shekhar Chatterjee, 
Dept. of Economics
UGC 97,000.00
4 2009-11 Religious Shrines of Jalpaiguri Sadar Sub-Division Dr. Saswati Das,
Dept. of History
UGC 1,02,000.00
5 2009-11 Participatory Democracy at the  Turn of The Century in Rural West Bengal: A Study of Development, Poverty and Governance Issues in the District of Jalpaiguri Dr. Debabrata Basu, 
Dept. of Political Science
UGC 1,34,000.00
6 2009-11 Utilization of Health Care Facilities in Jalpaiguri Dr. Sharmistha Mukherjee, 
Dept. of Geography
UGC 1,02,000.00
7 2009-11 Biomonitoring of Genotoxicity in Rivers of Jalpaiguri Tea Belt using Fish Dr. Sheela Datta Ghatak, 
Dept. of Zoology
UGC 1,09,500.00
8 2011-13 Novel Polymer Electrolyte Nanocomposite with Homogeneously Dispersed Inorganic Nanoparticles- Synthesis, Characterization and Electrical Study Dr. Bula Dutta, Dept. of 
UGC 1,85,000.00
9 2011-13 Sustaining The Ecosystem From Below: A Study of Community Activism and Forest Governance in the District of Jalpaiguri. Dr. Sourish Jha, Dept. of 
Political Science
UGC 72,000.00
10 2011-13 Workers' Movement in Jalpaiguri District (1934-1947) Dr. Shyamal Chandra Sarkar, Dept. of History UGC 1,17,500.00
11 2012-14 Aesthetic Experience in Indian Tradition: An Inter-art Dialogue Dr. Saswati Chakraborty, Dept. of Philosophy UGC 1,50,000.00
12 2012-14 Factors Influencing Crop Diversification in West Bengal: A District Level Analysis Smt. Sumana Mukherjee, Dept. of  Economics UGC 1,24,000.00
13 2013-15 Investigation of Some Physicochemical Properties of Water to Determine the Pollution Status in Jalpaiguri District Smt. Amrita Das, Dept. of 
UGC 4,02,500.00
14 2013-15 A Study of Some Scattering Problems in a Specified Fluid Dr. Prity Dolai, Dept. of
UGC 1,35,000.00
15 2013-15 Secularism in Jaina and Buddhist Philosophy and their Relevance in 21st Century Smt. Pampa Roychowdhury, Dept. of Philosophy UGC 1,30,000.00
16 2013-15 Man-Woman Relationship: A Philospphical Review with Special Reference to Tegore Dr. Somdatta Bhattycharyya, Dept. of 
UGC 2,40,000.00
17 2013-15 Banglar Kotha Sahitye Tebhagar Protibadi Swar Smt. Koyel Datta, Dept. of 
UGC 1,40,000.00
18 2013-15 A Study on the Interface between Sexual Violence against Women and Popular Culture Dr. Sukanta Das, Dept. of 
UGC 2,05,000.00
19 2014-16 Screening Eubacterial (Especially Members of Enterbacteriaceae) Isolates from a City-Waste Polluted River Korola, Jalpaiguri NDM-1 Genes and Search for NDM-1 Sequence Divergence Dr. Shriparna Mukherjee, Dept. of Botany UGC 4,45,000.00
20 2014-16 Effects of Environmental Degradation in Fluvial Dynamics in the Jaldhaka-Duduya Watersheds, Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal Smt. Sriparna Sarkar, Dept. of Geography UGC 2,50,000.00
21 2014-16 A Historical Case Study on Berubari-Bangladesh Boundary Problem and Identity Crisis and Its Impact on Chhit-Mahal Dwellers (1947-1997) Dr. Shyamal Chandra Sarkar, Dept. of History UGC 1,60,000.00
22 2015-18 Synthesis, characterizations, optical and electrical properties of functionalized liquid-like nanoscale hybrid ionic materials Dr. Bula Dutta Dept. of Chemistry DST 14,28000.00