Prasannadeb Women's College

The Department of Chemistry was established in 1970 as a General course Department and  Honours course was introduced in 1996-97 academic session. At present the Department comprises of three Assistant Professors and each faculty is actively engaged in teaching, research work and has published several research papers in reputed journals during last five years. The department has well equipped laboratories, computers with internet facility provided through LAN Connection. Each year, an average of 50 % students complete their Honours degree and enter in different reputed institute for studying higher academic programme. At present there are two ongoing research projects funded by Govt. agencies, and two projects have been completed during the last 5 years. The departmental faculties regularly attain seminars / conferences in different discipline. Students participate in different co-curricular activities, in science fair with model and different science seminars.

Faculty Members

Dr. Bula Dutta   Smt. Amrita Das   Dr. Uday Sankar Agarwalla