Department of Economics

In the Department of Economics, there are four teachers. Out of these three are permanent and one is part time teacher. Honours in Economics had been started in 1995 and General in 1950.

Faculty Profile

Dr. Sekhar Chatterjee, M. A., M. Phil., Ph. D.

Associate Professor

Date of Joining: 19/02/2000

Speciallization: Econometrics, Demography and Resource Economics

Area of Interest: Econometrics and Rural Banking

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Dr. Anil Kumar Biswas, M. A., M. Phil., Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Date of Joining: 29/04/2005

Speciallization: International Economics, Agricultural Economics

Area of Interest: International Economics

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Sumana Mukherjee, M. A., M. Phil.

Assistant Professor

Date of Joining: 23/04/2010

Speciallization: Agricultural Economics, Statistics and Econometrics

Area of Interest: Agricultural Economics

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Priyanki Sengupta, M. A.

Part Time Teacher

Date of Joining: 01/07/2008

Speciallization: Demography and Resource Economics and International Trade

Area of Interest: International Trade

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