Department of Geography


Established in 1980, the department of geography aims to impart knowledge of physical and socio-economic environment of the surrounding himalayan foothills and the factors affecting all these. This is done through frequent field surveys, where students, guided by their teachers know about the surroundings and the problems and prospects. They are also encouraged to come up with suggessions about future development of the area.

Faculty Members

Sriparna Sarkar, M. Sc.

Associate Professor

Date of Joining: 14-03-1991

Specialization: Fluvial Geomorphology

Area of Interest: GIS in tracking anthropogenic effects on land

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Rubi Sanyal, M. A.

Associate Professor

Date of Joining: 12-04-1991

Specialization: Cartography

Area of Interest: Physical Geography

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Dr. Sharmistha Mukherjee, M. A., M. Phil., PhD.

Associate Professor

Date of Joining: 17-08-2002

Specialization: Social Geography

Area of Interest: GIS, Physical Geography, Population Geography

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Special Events

  1. UGC Sponsored National Seminar in Geography (26-27 November 2011), Focal theme: "Resource Utilization, Land Use vis-a-vis Environmental Impact in India, with Special Reference to Himalayan Foothills."
  2. One-day Workshop on "GIS and Remote Sensing" (March 2016)