Department of Philosophy

Honours courses started in 1950, general courses started in 1950. Most of the students come from rural areas, from backward classes, so it is very challenging to us to motivate them properly.

Special Events

  1. National seminar held on 22nd and 23rd December, 2011 on "Ethics in Practice"
  2. A special lecture by Swami Ishatmananda Maharaj on March 2014
  3. A cultural programme with publishing a wall magazine on February 2016 by third year students

Faculty Members

Indrani Sengupta, M. A.

Associate Professor

Date of Joining: 01.08.1987

Speciallization: Ethics

Area of Interest: Literature and Applied Ethics

Dr. Saswati Chakraborty, Ph. D.

Associate Professor

Date of Joining: 28.11.1985

Specialization: Philosophy of Language

Area of Interest: Aesthetic

Email ID:

Pampa Roychoudhury, M. Phil.

Assistant Professor

Date of Joining: 15.07.2002

Specialization: Psychology

Area of Interest: Indian Philosophy and Social Philosophy

Email ID:

Dr. Somdatta Bhattacharyya, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Date of Joining: 17.08.2006

Specialization: Logic

Area of Interest: Ethics and Psychology

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